Louvers  Extruded Aluminum  Thin Line

Thinline louvers are commonly used for interior or exterior applications where high free area and low airflow resistance is required. Thinline louvers are versatile architectural louvers designed for applications that require intake and exhaust ventilation with little concern for water penetration. Narrow Profile louvers are available with visible and concealed vertical mullions, in a frameless configuration and range in frame depths from 1 to 2-inches. The narrow frame depth and various frame options make them ideal products for installation into curtain wall, window, door louvers and as air conditioning grilles.
EA-100 1-1/4" Thin-line Louver
EA-101 1-3/8" Thin-line Stationary Louver
EA-110 1-1/4" Thin-line Stationary Louver
EA-112 1-3/8" Thin-line Stationary Louver
EA-201 2" Thin-line Stationary Louver
EA-203 2" Thin-line Drainable Stationary Louver
EA-212 2" Thin-line Stationary Louver
EA-213 2" Thin-line Drainable Stationary Louver
EA-244 2" Sight Proof Louver
EA-244VP 2" Vertical Intake & Exhaust Sight Proof Louver
EA-245 2" Thin-line Wind Driven Stationary Louver
EA-245VP 2" Vertical Intake & Exhaust Sight Proof Louver