Louvers  Extruded Aluminum  Stationary

Extruded Aluminum Stationary louvers are designed for applications that require intake and exhaust ventilation with moderate protection against water penetration. Extruded Aluminum Stationary louvers are available with visible or concealed vertical mullions and in 2, 4 and 6-inch frame depths. In addition to traditional straight blade design Air Flow Co., Inc., offers a center blade baffle or upper blade turnback for improved weather protection and architectural pleasing appearance.
EA-201 2" Stationary Blade Louvers
EA-301 3" Sight Proof Louver
EA-401 4" Stationary Blade Louver
EA-402 4" Stationary Hooked Blade Louver
EA-601 6" Stationary Blade Louver
EA-602 6" Stationary Hooked Blade Louver
EA-BVL 4" Brick Vent